Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Holy Cow!

A couple of friends and I have the habit of singing a song in the worst manner possible. We used to be very enthusiastic about it, and it was even a competition among us. Those good old days are past, and such competitions are kinda rare these days. The following story, [spoiler: believe it or not], is a real one, with no exaggerations and happened in one of those golden days. A few of the mallu dialogues, I could not translate in a good enough manner to express its essence, so non-mallus, pls forgive me.

This happened during my 12th std in school. In one of the hours, I forgot why, there were only a handful of (unlucky) students in the class without any teacher too. I seized the opportunity and started my saadhakam (practice). I hummed the 1st few lines of a popular song from the movie Nandanam, got in the groove, and continued, louder.

Soon, it was pretty loud. Within a few minutes, the teacher from the neighboring class, with a look on her face that you usually get when you step on something nasty, came running into our classroom, and cried - "Ithenda ivade orocha!!? (What is all this noise here!!?)"

Ok, she didn't ask "Who is singing?" - I could forgive her for that. But she didn't even ask "What is that sound?". Irritated from the lack of appreciation I was getting, I thought "Athrekkayo?" and with a straight face, replied - "Ath porathe etho pashu aa teachere (It must be some cow outside, Madam)"

"Oh..", she said, convinced, and left.

THAT, was the proudest moment of my singing career.



  1. ROFL!....brilliant...i know....i guess i was there!

  2. good.. you started blogging too!!

  3. @pai.. hehe.. no you werent there.. Abhijith and Shwetha were there.. i still remember the look on Shwetha's face after the teacher left... :D :D

  4. Mine was when my brother said, after hearing my rendition of 'Kal Ho Na Ho'; "Wow - This sounds so uncannily like me singing "

  5. A cow!!?? you came up with a cow??!!! imba wonly

  6. @hell.. you havent heard me singing, have you? Cos if u had, u wouldnt have asked that question.. :D

  7. nanda nandanam...
    nanda nandanam....